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Calisthenics Training Groningen

Calisthenics training Groningen, how does it work?

Our Calisthenics training is given every week! The location and the date will be posted on our social media beforehand. Besides, the trainings are always outside in the fresh air of Groningen! Curious what our calisthenics exercises are all about? Click here to read our blog and read more about our calisthenics workout!

Expectations from our calisthenics training Groningen?

During your calisthenics training you can expect an environment in which you are encouraged and motivated to become stronger. Additionally, the bodyweight training is interactive, creative and playful!

The focus will be on rediscovering the joy of moving with your body. Just like when you were a baby! Playing around with the environment as a way to grow.  Providing that, you might find yourself doing movements you haven't done in a long time. Like crawling, hanging, being on your hands, etc.

Above all, everyone will train at their own level! And we will challenge  you with our calisthenics training in Groningen. 



Calisthenics for everyone?

One of the best things about our calisthenics training, is the bold simplicity of it. Because we use our own body weight and the environment of Groningen to become stronger and to shape our bodies. Therefore, calisthenics is infinitely progressive or regressive.

Anyone can benefit from practicing calisthenics. From the most fundamental beginner to the most elite athlete - if they do the right exercises. Nevertheless, we are here to give you the exercises that fit with your current level. And that will take you to the next level!

What are the costs of the calisthenics training?

Each training session is €10,- and for students it is €7,-

Interested? Click here to see our next calisthenics training 

Why should you join our Calisthenics in Groningen?

Your body weight has the potential to build strength with calisthenics. Many beginners make the mistake of having no variation in exercises during the training. But its not that they do not burn allot of calories, because they are. Although they are not building significant strength because they aren't loading their muscles.

With our calisthenics training Groningen we do not only increase resistance with extra weight, we also use different ways like increasing the amount of leverage, using pauses or performing the calisthenics exercises slower then we used to do. In Calisthenics, we use progression. This is a series of exercises where each exercise is a little bit harder then the previous one. It's like a videogame, where you go to a next level after each achievement. This means that you as a beginner or an athlete can benefit form the practice in our calisthenics game. What is your current level?


An impression of Calisthenics exercises