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About Movement Instinct

Jason Short
Co-founder, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist

I am Jason Short, a very enthusiastic and motivated mover and trainer from the island of St.Maarten. 

My experience with fitness and movement started with the martial arts, with boxing being one of the first sports that I practiced. In boxing I learned that proper technique means everything and that you can use good technique to beat a bigger and stronger opponent. Later on I started practising capoeira at ‘Grupo Ginga Da Alma’. Capoeira taught me that if you believe in your body and let do what it natuarily does, which is adapting to circumstances, your body will follow your mind to become a more flexible and strong person.

When I started training calisthenics I started paying more attention to how different types of movements affected my body. I found out that, until this point, I’ve been depriving myself of the gift that is movement. This is why I also decided to delve into different disciplines, just to name a few: yoga, pole dancing, locomotion (animal movement) and parkour. I realized that when I’m moving I’m happier and more energetic.  This is because I, just like any other human, was built to move. My motto is:

“Movement means that I’m alive, the day that I stop moving will be the day I'm dead.”

Calisthenics and movement are also the means that I use to prove to myself that I’m stronger and more capable than I could ever believe I am. This is reflected in the mission that I want to achieve through Movement Instinct, which is to help people understand and experience the power of the mind and body! The body will always follow the mind, therefore sharpening the mind will lead to a stronger and more capable body.

I have many certifications in the health & fitness field, the latest being Sports massage. In this study I gained more in depth knowledge about muscles and their connection with the bones and joints. I also learned about injury analysis & prevention, bandaging and about scientific theories and their practical application when it comes to massage. Other certifications of mine include Sports studies and Fitness instructor A & B. With this knowledge, my experience and passion I will do my best to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! Don’t hesitate to message me for a trial personal training or (sports) massage session!

We have to believe in ourselves and let our bodies do what they are meant to do, let’s reconnect with the instincts we have to “Move”!

Emilio Martinez
Co-Founder, Personal Trainer, Dietitian

My name is Emilio Martinez,mover and personal trainer, from the beautiful small island called Aruba.

I started practicing calisthenics about 6 years ago. Prior to this I had very little experience with fitness or sports. At the time I thought that going to the gym was the most boring activity in the world. However, I somehow knew that I needed to improve myself because I wasn’t fit and had very low self-esteem. This is when I met two friends of mine that introduced me to calisthenics. They say you become the people that you surround yourself with and this was definitely the case with me. We started working out together weekly at a children’s playground (back then there weren’t any outdoor calisthenics parks in Groningen) and we called ourselves Bar Brothers Groningen. I still didn’t like working out but it did make me feel less stressed, more energetic and more confident. One of the things that intrigued me about calisthenics, as opposed to weight training in the gym, is the focus on learning new skills with my body (like muscle ups and handstands).

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with martial arts, but I never dared to join a class. Because of my calisthenics training I finally felt confident enough to try a Krav Maga class. I loved it and started practicing it on a regular basis. One thing led to another and I got into Mixed Martial Arts and then into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I’m proud to say that I’m a blue belt under Alberto Guzman at
Focus JJ Netherlands). The martial arts  taught me to enjoy the process. I learned to enjoy being in uncomfortable and frustrating situations. I also learned the value of playfulness and flow when it comes to moving and their benefits to the body and mind. When I learned this my training shifted from something I dreaded to something I’m deeply passionate about. This is why our trainings at Movement Instinct always contain a playful element. 

My training also sparked my interest in the body and how it works. This led me to pursue formal education: I studied Nutrition & Dietetics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. At the Hanze University I also got my certifications as a fitness instructor (A & B). 

I believe the instinct to move is deeply rooted in all of us and is generally more accessible in our younger years, as it was for primal man. However, as we grow older our modern society disconnects us from our bodies and this instinct. My mission is to bring back this connection and to make people realize and experience that movement not only benefits one’s health, but it can be used as a means of self-development and self-realization. Movement is a necessary nourishment needed to feel fully alive!

If you resonate with this story feel free to contact me for a trial intake and personal training session!


Naast het feit dat ze beschikken over goede routines om je lichaam helemaal uit te putten, weten deze boys hoe ze je moeten pushen tot je limits, en daar overheen. Ze kregen mij zelfs zover dat ik moest overgeven tijdens een van mijn eerste trainingen (geen aanrader haha). Kortom, goede oefeningen, duidelijke uitleg ervan en ze voorzien je van een grote hoeveelheid motivatie.

Sjoerd Broca Brothers

Ik heb een zorgvuldige introductie ontvangen en diverse basisoefeningen geleerd die ik verder kan uitbouwen. Ik heb niet alleen oefeningen meegekregen maar ook de concepten en gedachten achter de oefeningen. De coach werkt professioneel en sluit goed aan bij de gecoachte. Zowel in dynamiek als in het aangeboden programma.

Ferry Coach, mindfulnesstrainer, docent

Emilio is very helpful as a coach and at making routines. I recommend his services to anyone who needs some expert help, advice and knowledge on calisthenics. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate I guarantee Emilio will be of help to your trainings. I cannot express enough how useful his knowledge has been and look forward to using some of the principles he has taught me in my next trainings, with these bodyweight training concepts I am confident that I will easily reach my short and long term goals! Needless to say I was satisfied.

Lawrence Student

Because of the lessons of Movement Instinct I got a good introduction and basics to calisthenics. Because of their motivation I’m still training.

Roland Artist